YourVoice – Branded Bespoke Voices for your VUI

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One of the biggest challenges with creating a voice presence is ensuring your consumers are immersed in your brand throughout the interaction.

We do that with words, audio signposting and other custom VUI design techniques, but organisations who need to go a stage further build a bespoke voice of their own.

Users can get confused when speaking to your skill on Alexa – they hear Alexa’s voice, but it’s saying your words. Amazon and Google both offer a small selection of voices, but they are still owned by Google and Amazon, out of your control and used by every other voice app.

You wouldn’t dream of using an off-the-shelf UI for the visual look and feel of your other digital products – the coherence of colour, typography, motion, copywriting, iconography, etc. are tools you need to own to convey your brand’s promise in the interface your customers interact with.

So why would you give up these opportunities and just let Amazon or Google take over for your voice UI? Creating a strong brand presence is about owning as much of the interaction as possible across channels.

This is where we can help. Through a design methodology we call StudioFlow’s YourVoice we direct the process of crafting your bespoke synthetic speaking voice to be used across all your VUI applications, rooted in your Brand’s personality.

The Process

We always start by working with your Brand and Marketing teams to distill personality traits and character from your brand guidelines. These give us style guides, glossaries and tone of voice guidelines to shape the response copy we write.

From these guidelines, we find a voice actor that fits your personality. In some cases, organisations already use someone for their radio/online ads who will license their voice. Other times, we have a pool of talent we reach out to to find the ideal match. We audition and select a range of actors, giving your teams final approval.

We creatively direct the actors during the recording phase. This can be arduous and time consuming, so it’s important to maintain quality during this period. We liaise with your brand and marketing teams to ensure the content remains aligned with their vision.

We then work with the industry’s leading synthetic voice manufacturers to create your brand’s voice from these recordings.

At the end, we’re left with a voice model that can be used on all VUI platforms as your voice, speaking directly to your consumers.

In you’re looking to take your voice presence to the next level, get in touch with StudioFlow today:

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