We offer 1, 2 or multi-day workshops teaching the principles and practice of designing and building products for emerging platforms. Each workshop is bespoke and tailored to your audience, to make sure everyone leaves buzzing with a head full of ideas. Workshops always include a mixture of presented lecture-style content and practical hands-on doing.

We run workshops for these kind of organisations:

Recruitment Agencies

Keeping up with the changes in tech is always hard, but we’re going through such a rapid pace of change right now with voice, chatbots and emerging tech that you always need to be one step ahead of the game. Knowing your SSML from your slot values is crucial to build trust with both clients and the experts you have on your books. Take a workshop, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the dynamic landscape, assuming no prior technical knowledge or experience.

Design Agencies

Think you’ve got VUX in hand? Getting lots of clients coming to you with voice work, but still a little nervous to take it on? No worries, we’ve got your back. We’ll deep-dive into the full product life-cycle, from the generative user research techniques you need to uncover your client’s users’ needs, good principles for VUX design, prototyping tools, evaluative research methods to quickly and effectively test your designs, types of deliverables, handoff to engineering, content strategy, marketing, personality trait extraction from brand guidelines, etc… basically, the whole end-to-end process, from brief to MVP.

Product Teams

Would like to work with a voice design agency, but don’t have the budget? No worries. Let’s run a workshop at your office, getting your in-house people excited about what’s possible. We’ll give you as many of the tips-of-the-trade as we can in a day, and get you primed and ready to take on your first voice experience.


Don’t have all day? Still have a load of people ravenous for knowledge? No worries. We’ve given condensed versions of these talks as lightweight workshops in as little as 45 mins.


Know a group of colleagues who have annual training budget they need to spend? Pool your resources, and let us blow your mind for a few days. Leave with a fully working chatbot.

Multi-day retreats

Looking to treat your staff to something a bit special, get out of the city, have some fun, eat some good food and learn about some awesome tech in the process? We have created bespoke 2,  3 or 4 day away days hosted by us, including all transport, food, entertainment, activities and workshop days of comprehensive training on emerging technology. These retreats happen in and around south Bristol, in some of the finest countryside Avon has to offer. Organic produce from local farms. Rural luxurious accommodation. Easy access from Bristol airport or Temple Meads train station. What’s not to love?

We use state-of-the-art facilities…

…and can cater for as many people as you’d like to bring.

Our content and actives are tailor-made to the interests of your staff. One day we’ll be learning about how to user-test chatbots, the next we’ll be ale sampling at the Butcombe Brewery. Life’s a balance.

Bristol’s food scene is crazy and diverse. You won’t go hungry, and you’ll eat the finest the region has to offer. All organic. All produced locally. Feed your brains!

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Typical Syllabus

We mix and match these topics depending on the people in the group. If you’d prefer high-level overviews, we can focus on the landscape, tech implications, etc… without getting too deep into the technicalities. If you know that already, and want to deep dive, we can build a course that’ll take you from unmet need to MVP shipping to store.

Here’s a selection of our typical topics. Get in touch if you’d like us to focus on something specific.

  • Introduction to Conversational UI
    • Devices
    • Platforms
    • Stats (device marketshare, geo split, use-cases)
    • Voice search vs. Voice apps
      • Three types: shallow voice search, voice integration (remote control), voice > app conversion
    • First-party tooling (DialogFlow, AVS, Chatfuel)
    • The tooling gulf (WYSIWYG tools cover 10% of features, then jump to hardcore hand-coding)
    • How they work (in 0.2s) & why now, if the tech has been around since the 50s?
    • Demo
      • Just Eat ordering
      • In-car one-shot info lookup
  • User Research Methods
    • Generative user research
      • Lean ethnographic techniques
      • ODI / JTBD lite for needs analysis
      • Finding your one (or maybe two!) core features
      • Task modelling
      • User Journey Mapping / Service Design
    • Evaluative user research
      • Recruiting the correct participants
      • Zero-prototyping Wizard-of-oz testing techniques
      • Fake doors
      • In-skill multi-variant testing
      • Diary studies for voice experiences
  • Designing for VUIs
    • UX & UI —> UX & VOICE 
    • Rules of Cooperative Conversation by Paul Grice
    • Conversational Agent components
      • Intents, utterances, slot values, fuzzy matching, etc…
    • Our Design Principles
    • SSML & Amazon Polly
    • The stages of creating a VUI:
      • Choose use case
      • Build a personality
        • Distilling traits from Brand guidelines
        • Creating a hierarchy of personality needs
      • Use lean iteration to prototype, validate & harvest utterances
      • Lock down MVP intents, write responses & ship v1
      • Watch stats & what people are asking for. Add / adapt intents.
    • Three phases of writing a response:
      • Write out the script, focus on covering the semantics
      • Test on another human. Speak aloud. Tweak words.
      • Finesse with SSML
  • Hands-on Workshop 1
    • Designing a personality
      • Pick a brand. Write down their brand values.
      • Brainstorm personality traits that describe that brand (upbeat, tech confident, enthusiastic). Look for around 10.
      • Write character description. Avoid age, gender, etc… (that will come soon)
      • Character details – age, name, gender (if desired), sketch. Remember if the name is the wake word it needs to be: at least 2 syllables (or you’ll need to use ‘hey, ok’ etc…), not a common name, ideally soft syllables that pivot around a hard sound (the ‘x’ in ‘Alexa’).
  • Hands-on Workshop 2
    • Build a chatbot
      • Choose a simple multi-turn use-case from the brand you’ve chosen.
      • Quickly sketch a state flow diagram
      • Into DialogFlow. Create a new agent. Create intent.
      • Provide a few sample utterances, write responses (just do one for now). Add suggestion chips.
      • Add a few more intents to support branching logic.
      • Deploy 
        • Integrations > Google Assistant
        • Name agent
      • Test
        • Simulator (you can try Google Assistant on iOS for real later).
    • Extend your chatbot
      • Introduction to slot values
        • Built-in (allow user to say time and date)
        • Custom
          • Define new slot & slot values
          • Pick ‘fuzzy matching’
      • Introduction to contexts
  • Hands-on Workshop 3 –
    • Live user research: End to end product life cycle, from problem to tested MVP
      • Brainstorming problem space as a group to identify needs
      • Identify key unmet, unsatisfied needs = your core MVP!
      • Sketch your first flows
      • Test your responses on a colleague
      • Iterate design
      • Bring in real participant
        • Do some generative research to understand their unmet needs
        • Test your prototype
        • Live iteration. RITE-style user-led design tweaking.
      • Final iteration. Polish.
      • Ship MVP to store


Our retreats are run in south Bristol. Our multi-day workshops are run either at your office, or hosted at a local workshop space close to your teams.

We run workshops in the UK, but also internationally.

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