hey, how can we help?

Great to see you here! Thanks for stopping by. You’re looking great, by the way. Honestly. We’re not just saying that.

So, smalltalk done. Down to business. Look, we’re totally in to voice app and chatbots here. We’ve been doing it for a while, and we think we’re kinda great at it. Would you like a voice app or chatbot on Alexa, Google Assistant or Facebook? Or maybe you already have an Alexa skill or GA action, and you want to take the next step and build voice interaction natively in to your products? Of course you would! Because we’ve been told you’re both erudite and pulchritudinous, and we totally believe what people tell us.

Is this flattery working? Great! We thought it would. So back to business.

We can build a product for you, or we can help your teams to build one for themselves. Which would you prefer?

I want you to build it for me!

This is a superb idea. Really – a great one. One of your best.

We have decades of experience shipping digital products, across pretty much every platform you’ve ever used. But we’re inappropriately excited about conversational UIs – Alexa, Google Assistant and Facebook. We’ve been doing this for nearly three years now (voice app years are like dog years – three years is, like, ages). We know we can build a conversation product your customers will love.

We also love user-centred iterative design (to make sure we build the right thing) and agile software development (to build the thing in the right way).  That means you and your customers get the product you want quickly and affordably. Everyone wins, like a boss.

I want to build it myself!

This is a superb idea. Really – a great one. One of your best.

So you’ve got a crack design and/or development team poised to create the Next Big Thing? We can help. We’ve made lots of mistakes!

Seriously. Loads.

Which is great, because it means we can help your teams avoid them. Creating a voice app or chatbot right now is tricky – which middleware layer should you use? What’s the right tone of voice? How do you choose which of your iOS app’s use-cases to recreate in a voice experience? How do you manage state in your flows? What are intents, slots and contexts? Why is there a black hole where good documentation should be on the internet?

Not to worry. We have answers to these questions, and loads more. We deploy on-site, in with your teams, to see the challenges, problems and opportunities they see, and help guide the way. If you need it, we have people senior enough to lead projects.

We’ve found the best way to work within teams is to do it in three stages:

Stage 1: You watch. We do.
We’ll run your workshops, write your code and scope your stories. You watch what we’re doing and ask lots of questions.

Stage 2: You do. We do.
We’ll run workshops, write code and scope stories together. We’ll mentor your team as their skills mature and we do the work together.

Stage 3: You do. We watch.
Well on your way to becoming conversational UI experts yourself, you’ll be almost fully self-sufficient, battle hardened and with a release or two under your belt. At this stage, we’ll provide guidance, assessment and moral support – but you’ll be able to do the work yourself. Go you!

I’ve already got an Alexa skill or Google Assistant action…

Superb! So you already know the benefits of voice-enabling your products. We can help you take this to the next level by building voice services directly in to your apps or websites. Allow your users to directly talk to your brand by tapping an icon in your app or saying a custom wake-word.

This gives you unparalleled control and insight into what your users are asking you for, and all that user data is yours to own and process as you need.

But I have a hardware product I want to voice-enable…

Great! We can help with that, too. We work with chipset partners to build deep voice integration directly in to your products. You get all the benefit of StudioFlow’s user-centred design approach, coupled with our partner’s expertise in voice-enabled chipset hardware. We can help you create experiences with your own custom wake words (no need to say ‘Alexa’ or ‘Hey Google’ to access your products!), with embedded offline voice recognition and speech.

Who have you already worked with?

Established in 2018, StudioFlow is one of the UK’s only dedicated conversational UI studios, specialising in voice and chat design, research and engineering.

Our two biggest clients so far are:

Just Eat

Image result for just eat

In late 2016, we helped Just Eat release the UK’s very first e-commerce Alexa skill, allowing users to order their favourite food with their voice. Several product iterations later, and we had expanded the original feature set to let users navigate their order history, change payment details, order party food, access discounts and marketing campaigns and much more. A fully adaptive user experience, the skill will adapt both the spoken responses and the flow you’re taken through depending on your level of previous engagement – another first in VUI design.

We later released updates to support Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot devices, adding an additional visual aspect to the voice-first experience.

Quickly spotting the rise of Google Assistant as another major player in the voice platform wars, we released a version of Just Eat for Google Assistant on Android and Google Home devices. Working with Google to become one of the first apps in the UK to be released using their new Transaction API, it was the first app of its kind to support Google hybrid touch, type and talk interface.


Google announcing Just Eat for Google Assistant live at Google I/O 2018


I want to speak to someone now!

Of course you do. So why not drop a missive to this email address, and one of the beautiful human beings manning the inbox will discuss your needs and sort you right out. Give them a tinkle:



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