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StudioFlow is the UK’s foremost user-centred voice design studio.

With years of experience, designing and shipping the UK’s first e-commerce Alexa skill, and shipping one of the first Google Assistant actions to be based on Google’s new Transaction functionality, our studio has the most experience at building production voice apps and chatbots meeting actual user needs.

Our Services

It’s clear the next big shift of consumer behaviour will be towards voice and chat-based interfaces.

But it’s not clear exactly what people want these new platforms to do.

That’s where we can help. We have some of the industry’s leading user-centre design experts – able to apply our custom emerging-tech focussed research methods to understand your users’ real needs and uncover the way this new technology can best serve them.

Conversational UIs represent an incredible new channel to connect with your users, and could offer your organisation a significant competitive advantage by being first to market with a voice app. However, you need your first tentative investments in this space to be successful – creating a poor user experience that doesn’t serve your user’s need could result in your organisation writing off the technology wholesale, allowing your competitors to leapfrog you to the opportunity these new platforms offer.

Get it right fast, and first time, by working with experts in the fields of emerging tech user research, UX voice design, brand personality development and content strategy.

Our Process

Generally, our process consists of four phases:

  1. Needs analysis – user research, task model generation, use-case identification.
  2. Concept generation – prototyping, working with your product and dev teams
  3. Strategy planning – content strategy, analytics review, marketing roadmap
  4. Execution support – wireframes, utterance harvesting, localisation, beta testing, submission support, wake-word training

Our Products

We work with clients to understand their needs and tailor a way of working that best suits their objectives. Broadly, one of these methodologies work for most clients:

  • In-house consultancy – our design team will work on-site with your product, engineering, marketing, sales teams to augment your skills and get your validated MVP to market as quickly as possible.
  • On-site training – working in a three-phase approach, our team will start by guiding your product teams on the best routes to market, eventually phasing out our hands-on role to oversee your independent skills, knowledge and capabilities. Best for teams who are committed to building voice apps.
  • Studio projects – for teams who would prefer we took the reins, we will work with you to develop a project brief and complete the work in our own studio, bringing in the required skills as the project develops. We can augment our team with yours, to let you skill-up your team in a controlled, low-risk manner, while still hitting critical shipping deadlines. Best for teams who want to experiment, but don’t have the resource bandwidth in-house.

Our Portfolio

Established in 2018, StudioFlow is one of the UK’s only dedicated conversational UI studios, specialising in voice and chat design, research and engineering.

We are currently working with a large multi-national tech company. building a first-party voice assistant into their physical products. We’re still under NDA, so can’t talk about it too much.

Our biggest clients we can talk about are:

Just Eat

Image result for just eat

In late 2016, we helped Just Eat release the UK’s very first e-commerce Alexa skill, allowing users to order their favourite food with their voice. Several product iterations later, and we had expanded the original feature set to let users navigate their order history, change payment details, order party food, access discounts and marketing campaigns and much more. A fully adaptive user experience, the skill will adapt both the spoken responses and the flow you’re taken through depending on your level of previous engagement – another first in VUI design.

We later released updates to support Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot devices, adding an additional visual aspect to the voice-first experience.

Quickly spotting the rise of Google Assistant as another major player in the voice platform wars, we released a version of Just Eat for Google Assistant on Android and Google Home devices. Working with Google to become one of the first apps in the UK to be released using their new Transaction API, it was the first app of its kind to support Google hybrid touch, type and talk interface.

Google announcing Just Eat for Google Assistant live at Google I/O 2018


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